The Benefits

Services including:

  • Architectural Guidance
    We will assist you by providing approved vendors of technology, interiors and other equipments who are both economical and reliable in terms of quality. For greenfield projects, we offer guidance in choosing efficient architects who understand our infrastructural needs.
  • Technology Support
    We also offer guidance in raising complete IT infrastructure of the school in par with our standards. We provide support of vendors for educational technologies to be used in the classrooms, laboratories, etc. We will create and maintain the school website as well as handle web hosting to ensure secure and hassle free services.
  • Operational Support
    We provide vendor support for school uniforms to ensure consistency and comfort. We pay personal visits for school assessments, academic and operational audits to ensure smooth functioning of the system. We have also laid out pre-determined methods and processes as per fixed norms to ensure effective functioning of the school.
  • Recruitment and Training Support
    We will use our experience to guide you in the recruitment process of the staff to recruit personnel. We will also provide training of the staff either via the internet, on site or at our campus in France itself.
  • Academic Support
    We will make available an advanced curriculum for your institute to follow along with detailed assessment procedures for students. Our plans for co-curricular and extracurricular activities have been tried and tested while our constant support to teachers by way of resources will prove to be helpful. Wherever possible training of staff is done at the Sainte Anne headquarters in France
  • Admission Guidance
    We will assist you in creating internal branding options while also helping to frame effective marketing strategies and inputs as per local area plans. We provide assistance in designing catalogues, letter heads, visiting cards and other marketing collaterals.

Partner Requirements

  • Applicants must be an educationist of impeccable reputation
  • They must have enough investment capacity to build and/or maintain a school as per the high standards set by Sainte Anne
  • Liquidity to support school operations for a minimum of 3 years is essential
  • They must have the passion for imparting quality education
  • Infrastructure Required
    Regarding infrastructure required of our Franchisee partners, Lycee Sainte Anne, recognizes the varied conditions, availability and cost of equipment and materials per country, and thus give Franchisees the flexibility to work out the finer details of their school facility. However the minimum requirements of facilities include, but are not limited to but these which could be in the form of a separate area or a part of a hotel where the children would get hands on experience by working in an actual kitchen, bar, restaurant, rooms and front office etc..

    a. Classrooms

    b. Restaurant

    c. Kitchen

    d. Bar

    e. Housekeeping Mock Room

    f. Front Desk

    g. Library and Computer Room

    h. Offices

    i. Recreation Rooms

    j. Faculty rooms

    k. Restrooms

Detailed terms of business should be obtained from the management. Refer to ‘Contacts’

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