The Hotel Industry

Current Supply
18000 Trained Professionals
22% Skill Level
78% Graduate Level

Current Demand
2.03 Lakh Trained Professionals
66% at Skill Level
34% Managerial Level
Growth Rate of Indian Hospitality Sector: 14%

The Saint Anne Advantage

Being the pioneers in French Hospitality has given us an edge over the others in terms of our quality of education. Our dynamic outlook and constant demand for quality have enabled our institution to adapt to the world as it has changed.

Our philosophy shows unto each student his/her place in the professional world. We not only make the strong tough but our systems continuously endeavor to make the weak strong too.It also encourages free thinking, and molds young minds into sensitive and responsible citizens.

Every year, 800 young people embark on our exceptional training programmes, each taking a course which will last between two and six years. The results don’t lie: we have an exam success rate of over 90%, reaching 100% in some classes. Our assets are:

  • Strong educational values
  • A tried and tested balance of practical and theoretical training
  • A fully committed teaching team.


  • National Network Higher Private Education (of the state Pays de la Loire) (RENASUP)
  • Pays de la Loire State Association of Permanent Education (AREPPAL)
  • French National Association of Private Hotel Management and Tourism Schools (ANEPHOT)
  • French Association of Hotel Management and Tourism Colleges (AFLYHT)
  • European Association of Hotel Management and Tourism Schools (AEHT)

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Ground Floor, Kurtarkar County, Manora, Raia Salcete Goa, 403720 India